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40 Developmental Assets

The Developmental Assets framework is an evidence-based approach that identifies 40 assets, both internal and external, that can empower our youth to become successful members of our community. 

Image from: Turning Point Tie-Dye Cookout 2020


The Turning Point Prevention team finds unique ways to introduce these 40 assets into their children's programming, shelter groups and classroom curriculum. In many of our activities we highlight the specific assets that are being built and display the badges for those assets. Our goal in utilizing the 40 Developmental Assets is to provide our youth with a toolkit full of everything they may need to lead successful lives!

Council for Youth Development

The Search Institute's Developmental Assets framework is being implemented within our community through the Council for Youth Development Bartholomew County and several other community partners. 

For more information on The Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets framework visit the CYD website

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