Beyond intervention, Turning Point can provide educational programs to all ages and types of groups. Our Prevention efforts are designed to stop domestic violence in the next generation as well as reduce risk of its occurrence in those who already have risk factors. We provide prevention education in the schools, to at-risk youth, educators, coaches, youth care workers, to healthcare providers around universal screening, with community partners, first responders, churches and civic groups, and in pre-professional/college classrooms. Our trainings are designed to meet the needs of the group we are with, and to create a community of empowered bystanders. Our goal is to work toward the elimination of domestic violence.

If you are interested in prevention  education:

Contact Stephanie Cunningham at



legal services

Please note that Turning Point’s Director of Legal Services does not work directly with clients and is unable to provide legal representation or legal advice.  If you are seeking legal referrals or information, please feel free to contact our 24-hour crisis/help line at 1-800-221-6311 or the advocates in the county where you live.  Their contact information may be found on this website under NON-RESIDENTIAL SERVICES or by clicking here:  


Professional Training

Within our service area, we provide free, professional training related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Professional trainings are developed with each profession, community, and department in mind, to best meet the needs of the participants and consider the local available resources. Professional trainings are available for all professions, including Advocates, Attorneys, CASA/GAL volunteers, Corrections personnel, Court personnel, Department of Child Services, Law Enforcement, Medical and Mental Health Care providers, and other professionals who encounter domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in their professions.

Turning Point’s Director of Legal Services & Training is a licensed Indiana attorney and will work with you in designing a training and will submit all materials to request CLE approval.

Turning Point is an approved law enforcement training provider in the State of Indiana, which allows our law enforcement trainings to be counted towards the annual continuing education requirements.

If you are interested in pRofessional Training:

Contact Melanie Rasmussen at



Cut it out

Salon professionals are in a unique position to recognize the signs of abuse in their clients. Because of the close proximity, the nurturing relationship between stylists and clients, and the comforting environment of a salon, owners and stylists can often spot the signs of physical and emotional abuse that others may never see. Many victims feel afraid to report abuse to police or domestic violence service providers, but may disclose their abuse to someone they trust. Salon professionals are skilled and experienced listeners that invest personal interest in their clients’ lives. The salon may be the only place where a victim can go without their abuser, therefore, the only place where a victim may feel safe to disclose.

If you are interested in scheduling a training for your salon, please contact Sarah Flores, Bartholomew County Preventionist-Young Adult at 812-379-5575 EX 208 or  Cut It Out training provides each participant with the information needed on this nationwide epidemic, awareness materials and what role a salon professional can play. At the end of the session, each participant will understand the impact domestic violence can have on their colleagues, clients, and those close to them. Each salon that completes the training and will be recognized as a Cut It Out establishment and each stylist will receive a Certificate of Attendance and Training.

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