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Youth Based Prevention Education

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Turning Point is actively engaged in creating primary prevention strategies that go beyond raising awareness. One of these strategies is prevention education with youth, which utilizes the 10 session Safe Dates curriculum. This curriculum is designed to:


  • increase knowledge about healthy vs. abusive relationships

  • teach communication skills

  • identify effective anger management strategies

  • improve conflict resolution skills

  • decrease stereotypical beliefs and attitudes that promote dating abuse


Safe Dates also contains sessions on how to help friends who are victims or perpetrators of abuse, as well as information on accessing local community resources to assist youth involved in dating abuse. All 10 sessions serve as protective factors and reduce the risk of dating abuse.


In addition to Safe Dates, Turning Point utilizes other curricula, including but not limited to Ending Violence: Find your Voice, Students Stand 4 Respect, and Love is not Abuse. These curricula can be in addition to or separate from Safe Dates. Presentations can range from 1 session to multiple sessions depending on the needs of your organization.


If you are interested in learning more or setting up a presentation, please contact Cassie Davidson, Director of Prevention, at or 812-657-1293.

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