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Since the year 2000, hundreds of Bartholomew County high school students have participated in the Annual Dance Marathon to benefit Turning Point. The event’s main purpose is to raise awareness of dating and domestic violence. Through efforts like these, we aim to help break the cycle of dating violence among our peers. In 2022, we began a new tradition while keeping with the event's purpose by combining Dance Marathon with Bartholomew County's After Prom. 

Dance Marathon's
after prom party

Each year, this event will not only provide hundreds of students with useful information on dating and domestic violence, but it will help raise funds that support 7-10% of the annual budget for Turning Point, our lead local resource in combatting domestic violence.


Dating and domestic violence is a prevalent problem in our community, and Turning Point continues working towards its elimination. Nationally, 1 in 3 teens will be affected by emotional, physical or sexual violence by the age of 18. Dance Marathon's After Prom Party is a way for us to teach our peers about healthy relationships and how to recognize the warning signs of unhealthy behaviors. It is our belief that Dance Marathon's After Prom Party is more than a fundraiser or a fun social event; it allows us the ability to expose the need for continued prevention education.​

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