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client success stories

A Turning Point employee shares what a former client said to her at our recent Denim Day display in April at the Columbus Learning Center. 

“Today, a woman stopped by and was looking at our brochures and information. I encouraged her to take a Denim Day button, and she said “I remember you. I came to Turning Point.” I had worked with her at shelter while I was case manager. She updated me on how her life has changed since I last saw her. At the time she was at shelter, she spoke very limited English. She has since become proficient with English. She also has a good job and volunteers in the community. This woman took some of our Tap that App brochures for her teenage daughter and her daughter’s friends. She said that the information in the brochures is very important and that all teens should have this information. She also told me that she does not take anything for granted. She said that one day you have everything and the next day it can be taken away. I expressed to her how far she has come since I first met her. It is rare that we get to see the outcomes of our clients, and I am thankful to have seen this former client today.”

Positive Outcome of a Former Client

One of the questions I always ask a new client is what has made them reach out for services this time? When I asked this client, she teared up and said she is reaching out now because her 14-year-old daughter came home and told her that she recognizes her dad is being abusive towards her mother. This client stated her daughter informed her she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way and proceeded to go through a list of behaviors she has witnessed her dad do to her mom that she recognizes as abusive. It turns out client’s daughter learned about healthy relationships through Safe Dates and wants better for her mom.

Safe Dates Works

"I want to thank all the staff from Turning Point for always helping and giving me support to complete my goals. Now I can live without fear because now I know how valuable I am as a woman and I will not live my life with violence anymore. Turning Point is the voice of justice"

Turning Point Client

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